Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Men standing up for stone and old ways of building.

John Scott, who was the visionary for the dry stone bridge we built in Perth Ontario last week, stands beside an amazing man, John Silburn, the structural engineer who has all the modern know how and yet the confidence to trust the old ways of building permanently with stone. 

He okayed the design that John Bland and John Scott came up with for Dry Stone Canada's festival bridge. 

We need more men and women like him, who are capable of not just assessing that dry stone walls and bridges are structural, but also standing up for them, in a world where, unlike natural stone, manufactured steel, industrial oil based products like plastic and fibreglass, and fabricated toxic laminates are still very much choking the planet.

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  1. Here here. God bless them both. Hopefully more will follow. Precedent can be a powerful ally.