Sunday, January 15, 2017

Towering Above The Talus Slope

Yesterday we completed the talus wall rising up to the base of the Irish Tower.

talus slope is formed when debris from a weathering rock piles up to a certain angle of repose. These slopes usually lie at a very steep hill or under a cliff . A talus can also be the stonework or randomly piled rocks creating the sloping face leading up to a castle wall.

    Image result for talus slope castleImage result for talus slope castle

We tried to position all our rocks so they didn't just look dumped there, but somehow created the more natural random look you would see if rocks fell off the side of a steep rocky slope and then settled over time.

We got the talus effect we were aiming for. The rocky slope had a convincing, rather pleasing non-manmade appearance. There were a couple of 'rules' we discovered and loosely tried to keep to. Can you guess what they were?