Monday, September 26, 2016

Shadow Balancing

Balancing stones can be very frustrating not to mention time consuming and for some, a bit of an obsession. What's worse, believe it or not, there are those who say that it's criminal to be doing it at all! They hate it. They say it spoils the look of a beach or river bank. It messes with nature and completely ruins all kinds of delicate ecosystems. 

So out of deference, I'd like to suggest a low profile, far less environmentally hostile activity. I call it shadow balancing. 

You merely arrange 7 stones near each other (lying around the yard preferably) so that at that certain time of the day their shadows create the 'look' of being balanced.

Stones can not be used or taken from anywhere where anything living is still clinging to it, especially in or near streams or where fish spawn or tiny bugs and crayfish reproduce. Stones are never stacked on top of each other creating offensively delicate balancing acts for disapproving dog walkers, ATV enthusiasts (or neighbours, if you do it at home) to object to. 

All stones are merely put back after a photo is taken. Passersby and small animals should not be able to notice anything has been rearranged.  

It will only be the photo you take of your extemporized stone installation and post on Facebook that will give evidence of your amazing shadow balancing skills. 


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